Holiday Suggestion: How to hire a car in Romania at cheap prices from Promotor Rent  Car Bucharest

Hiring a car while making a journey in Romania guarantees independence from shuttle bus and railroad schedules, but it comes with its own set of side effects. Policies of the road, manual versus automatic transmision, even tolerated blood alcohol levels– not to talk about the importance of car insurance plan– can differ generally by country. Here are five very useful hints for remaining secure when book a car with Promotor Rent Car Bucharest.

  1. Figure Out Your Insurance Policy Protection Needs

Don’t leave a decision on insurance plan protection to a few panicked minutes at the Otopeni Rent a Car office. Take a look at your protection in advance: In various instances, the credit card you use to hire the car will offer enough protection (very commonly, you will still probably may need to get responsibility), and if you have car insurance policy at home you might be covered through that as well. Get the insurance policy in writing, not over the telephone, and keep it with you throughout your vacation.

  1. Understand the Guidelines of the Road

Driving a car on the left side of the street may be the biggest consideration, but keep in mind that other countries have policies of the road that are less obvious. In some, for example, you can’t turn right on red and in others, the slow lane can’t be used for passing. Read up long before you go to avoid a surprise penalty.

  1. Consider an International Driving License

Sincerely, it’s much less common to be asked for an International Driving License than it used to be; these licenses cost $20 and remain valid for only a yr. Examine with your rentals provider well before leaving your country just in case. If you may need one, you can get it through AAA (American Automobile Association) and AATA (American Automobile Touring Alliance).

  1. Needed to get an Automatic? Reserve in Advance with Promotor Rent a Car

In several countries (though fewer than in previous eras), a car with a manual transmission line is the default local rental. If you aren’t relaxed driving a car a stick-shift, it’s wise to book an automatic well in advance, as companies usually stock fewer of these. It is also likely to pay more.

  1. Figure out Your Limitation

Tolerated blood alcohol concentration levels are different in every country and even in the European Union there is no singular guideline: Hungary, for example, has a zero-tolerance insurance policy while Italy’s limit is.5 grams per one liter of blood, or 0.05%. Determine the limit at your destination long before embarking on a wine tour or having a light beer with meal.